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Sharing Economy for Social Media:
Get paid for sharing a Koo-i Button

How it works

Company sets up Koo-i® Button

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Set up a Koo-i advert in 5 easy steps.

User signs-up to Koo-i®

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User shares ads via Koo-i® Button

As a Koo-i member, you will have access to a live list of active Koo-i Buttons.

Click, Share and Earn!

A Fair Share

Koo-i Members

Join us now! Share a Koo-i Button effortlessly across multiple social media platforms by clicking on a Koo-i Button, and be rewarded accordingly*.

Current platforms connected: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You will need at least 50 connections on a selected platform to be eligible for reward.

*All transactions are currently managed through PayPal.

Take Control


For the socially conscious, a great way to give something back to those that spread your word.

The first powerful alternative service for advert exposure on limited screen sizes of mobile and tablet devices.

Drive traffic directly to your website or campaign

    – while simultaneously –

Ensuring your Koo-i advert receives the exposure it deserves on respective social media newsfeeds/streams; tolerated and even supported by its users.

Set up a Koo-i Button to distribute your designated Koo-i campaign budget through either equal or proportioned sharing. Set the tone of your brand or campaign through the values you enter.

Our CPC is extremely competitive and in your control.

For any further information or support, please contact us.

Ad Transparency: Solved

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Whether you are the owner of a high profile social media account or are a company wishing to connect with a specific individual, koo-i are on hand to mediate the next mutually beneficial agreement.

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